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We aim to build plants in harmony with the Circular Economy: recovery of matter and energy from waste treatment without emission of greenhouse gases or secondary waste realease.

Circular economy

OXOCO offers plants that produce reusable materials and technical gases, providing a real alternative to landfill
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Innovative technology

OXOCO is worlwide exclusive licensee of the Isotherm PWR® Technology, developed by Itea S.p.A.
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Zero Emission

OXOCO offers the chance of implementing waste treatment systems with no greenhouse gas emissions.
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Itea's Isotherm PWR®.has been recognised as an Emerging Best Available Techniques (BAT), as stated in the BREFs
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and relevant impact

Isotherm PWR® Flameless Oxy-combustion Technology represents a quantum leap advancement towards "zero-emission" ed "clean energy" in the combustion processes. It guarantees, along with other economic advantages, an environmental advantage that can be summarized in the following 4 points:
Low Emissions
Close to zero contaminants in gaseous emissions and for the most significant components, affecting health, a few orders of magnitude lower than the current european standards.
Zero carbon in combustion residues:
Incombustible matter converted in glassy structure, totally inert, without any presence of carbon, usable for industrial purposes.
Compact Size:
much smaller dimensions compared to traditional plants with the same capacity.
No chimney:
Recover of the fumes, which essentially consist of CO2, and consequent elimination of the chimney; in small-scale applications, CO2 can be used for industrial purposes; in large-scale applications, the CO2 can be used for EOR (enhanced Oil Recovery) or CCS (carbon capture & sequestration).

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