“Isotherm PWR®” Flameless pressurized oxy-combustion technology


OXOCO is worldwide exclusive licensee for the Flameless Isotherm PWR technology for waste sector.

The technology, patented by Itea S.p.A. a Sofinter Group’s company, is the most advanced technology in the waste-to-energy sector, capable of making a qualitative leap forward with respect to traditional combustion systems.

The Isotherm process completes reagent combustion without flame generation, operated under pressure at very high temperature (1400°C) and in an oxygen atmosphere, returning environmental performance that is significantly superior to traditional combustion processes.

The transparency of the flame, the ability to see through and beyond the flame itself, is an important index of pollutant effects in terms of particulate and solid emissions. A transparent flame (i.e., with no solid material in it) will not generate solid emissions.
The pressurized operation and very high temperature (1400°C), with the direct supply of stoichiometric oxygen, enables the transformation of organic material into CO2 and H2O and ensure the complete destruction of the organic compounds, with transformation of unwanted organic by-products such as PAHs, Dioxins, Furans, PCBs into carbon dioxide and water, both of which are recovered and destined for reuse.
The combination of the three basic parameters – Oxygen, Pressure and Temperature – is able to quantitatively melt the non-combustible fraction of waste (inert), producing inert and reusable glassy material instead of ash. Heavy metals are thus encapsulated in the glassy matrix, preventing the release of the carbon residue and other hazardous substances.
At the final stage of the process, the complete conversion of the organic substance into CO2 and the complete liquefaction of the inorganic component into glassy material takes place. Both outputs are recovered and reused.

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